Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Product Review: Dr Scholl's for her


   I was recently sent a pair of Dr Scholl's for her insoles from Bzzagent to try and review.They must have e.s.p. because I haven't worn high heeled shoes in quite a while due to foot pain,and the throbbing is enough to keep me up all night!

 This is what came in the Bzzkit,a pair of Dr Scholl's for her insoles,a bzzguide,and several coupons worth $4 each to distribute to my friends and family. If you work on your feet all day or just have foot pain ask me for a coupon and give them a try! The insoles feel very soft,flexible and cushiony as they're made of silicone.They're extremely easy to apply to your shoes,it literally takes seconds.They also offer some arch support which is crucial in preventing sore,tired feet. They will help you stay on your feet and walk around longer without experiencing discomfort. "Like" Dr Scholl's on facebook and contact me for a coupon today.Your feet will thank you!

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