Thursday, July 12, 2012


 All the females in my family,meaning myself,my sister and my two nieces have been cursed with thin-textured curly hair which frizzes at any hint of moisture.We try hair product after hair product in an eternal quest for a product that works and works very well.I can't even count the number of products we have bought and tried to no avail, in the garbage they went.I was given the opportunity to try John Frieda's Frizz-Ease sheer solution lightweight frizz control from Bzzagent and I jumped at the chance.I have used John Frieda's original Frizz-Ease formula and it works,but it's thick and very sticky.I waited patiently for my Bzzkit to arrive so that I could try it out. The first thing I noticed when it arrived was that there were two visible layers in the product.The second thing I noticed was that they added some purple dye which is soluble only in the lower layer.It's very pretty actually and no harm is done since it's not meant to be ingested.Besides that,purple is my favorite color ;) . I read the package for directions.You are supposed to shake the bottle until the layers are no longer visible and it temporarily becomes an emulsion.You then shake about ten drops into your palm,lightly rub your hands together and apply to your damp hair.Very simple indeed.I washed and towel-dried my hair and I reached for the bottle.I noticed another difference between the two formulas.This one has a flip top! How perfect! It's so much easier to use than the cumbersome applicator the original formula has.I applied it as stated above and I went on with my daily activities.I put my hand through my hair and realized that it was not sticky at all and my hair was very manageable and easy to style.I checked on it with my portable mirror throughout the day.There was no frizz,no static,it was smooth and curly like it should be.This formula is such an amazing improvement.I was given several small sample bottles to share,and I haven't heard even one negative opinion of this product.It has made my life so much easier.I can wash,towel-dry and apply the Frizz-Ease and I'm good to go for the entire day! Before I post my before and after pictures I must comment that my hair is not gray as it looks in the picture,it's light brown.I guess it's the flash that made me old before my time lol.

top:before frizz-ease after brushing hair,no product.frizzy,static cling,looks like  straw

bottom:After washing towel-drying and frizz-ease.smooth and wavy-curly
As you can see,the difference is incredible!(even though the pictures are horrible).If you also have this crazy out-of-control frizz problem,try John Frieda's sheer solution lightweight frizz control.If it can control my crazy hair,it will work wonders on yours!

Here's a short how-to video for you to see with more details.Check it out here .Watch and head to your local drug store A.s.a.p.!

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