Friday, March 9, 2012

Healthfull Breads

Being of Greek descent,my family members and I are BIG fans of really good bread. I still remember waiting patiently for my grandmother's homemade bread to come out of the wood-burning oven in Greece when I was young. She would make several at a time and it was no surprise that they would be gone in a couple of days when the entire clan was over,but I digress. I recently had the opportunity to try a "new"(to me) bread through Bzzagent and I HAD to accept. I have heard of Arnold bread before,but I never dared to try it thinking that it was too "healthy-looking" to taste good. The last time someone(my health-nut brother Niko) gave me something healthy to taste (soy) I almost tossed my cookies! Well, healthfull breads(marketed under the names Arnold,Oroweat and Brownberry) are very healthy indeed. They contain grains, fiber,5 grams of protein,and they are only 80 calories per slice! As I carried the 2 loaves of Arnold oatnut bread to the counter for checkout,I noticed that they were much heavier than the shall-remain-nameless regular white bread that I usually bought. It turns out that it's denser than regular full-of-holes white bread! It also toasts very nicely! It get's crisp and does not easily become soggy which is making me think that I must try to make French toast with it! Also the fiber content in this bread will make you feel satiated longer! It has a pleasant nutty flavor too! The best part is that even the pickiest of eaters in my family love this bread, and it has become a household staple! If you haven't tried it yet,do yourself a favor!

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