Friday, May 17, 2013

Silver Screen Night Club reunion!

      I remember like it was yesterday.All throughout my college years Silver Screen used to be my form of release and entertainment.I used to go at least three times weekly,have a few drinks and dance all night long  with friends,relatives and my then boyfriend.The music was freestyle,not disco as I have read.There was no violence or drugs EVER,just good people having a great time.Many people ,like myself, were very sad to see it go.
  About a month ago,I stumbled across an invitation to a Silver Screen reunion on Facebook and my mouth dropped. I immediately responded "Going".Unfortunately it wasn't to be at the original spot where it used to be,but at club Central.It wasn't EXACTLY the same because it isn't as big as Silver Screen was,there were no speakers to dance on(like we used to) and the "bartenders" kept messing up my drinks! I mean severely messing them up! If you can't make a Sex on the Beach,then you're not a bartender,and they probably weren't.They kept making me a Woowoo instead.Oh well.The music was FANTASTIC and you didn't see many people sitting.It was great to run into people I haven't seen in a while as well.I wouldn't mind a bit if Silver Screen re-opened,with better bartenders,of course.Come on Silver Screen!We miss you!

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