Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Many Uses of Ivory

Ivory Bar Soap
I received a sample of Ivory bar soap from Ivory and Influenster although my family has been using it since I was little.Ivory soap is 99.94% pure,and it contains no dyes or perfumes that irritate skin.As a matter of fact,it's so pure that it floats in water! I have used it to wash my face,my hands,as a body wash,to wash delicate clothes by hand,but it has many more uses! I have discovered that it's great to wash cosmetic brushes with,you can make fun soap carvings,and hey,since it floats you can even make a toy boat out of it! Considering Ivory bar's many uses and it's very reasonable price it's a really great value! Ivory bar soap can be found almost everywhere, try it today!

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